Best Android Apps December 2020

Best Android Apps December 2020

Best Android Apps December 2020

Best Android Apps December 2020


Let’s begin with the first app. The first one is spark launcher, which brings the ios 14 style launcher on your android well kind of you get the same pull-down for such like ios a bit of weather, and a clock widget like ios.

You also have the same shelf on the left. You can even download the spark control center and make it look exactly like the iPhone. The only thing that you don’t get is the app drawer and the overlapping widget, however, ironically. There is a lot of customization. This happens to be an ios launcher, but with customization overall, spark launcher is a paid app for just 10 rupees and in exchange.

You don’t see any ad go for it. One of the best features of Bluetooth earphones and does is google fast pay now in case. You don’t know to google fast pay works, sort of like airports and iPhone connection. That is, you see the pairing animation battery percentage.

You can also find your lost aws by playing a bus sound, but only if the phone and the Bluetooth device are connected over Bluetooth, and here comes the app one defined. It uses Bluetooth to precisely tell the distance from your phone to the two moreover. It also works even if the two aren’t paired to your android. You can easily locate the device, and I have a rough idea of the two’s location. Then find it also, be careful next time around. Next up, we have a cool little app that is getting quite popular lately.

With liquid tear down, you get to see good charging animation and a clear view of your phone. Here, you can see the note 9 internal layouts and charging animation pretty cool.

It’s paired up with only three free trials but surprisingly, reinstalling the application also reset the trial, hey dev. If you’re watching this, you may want to look into that while it works with every android smartphone.

But you get the best result with these hand-picked models only, of course. You can also request the developer to please your ad because it is one of my personal favorites. So zack remote is basically a digital version of a typical air mouse remote that lets you use your phone as a mouse for your android tv.

So I’m playing this game called crossroad on my android tv. Now when you first download the application, you cannot pass this age screen. The remote doesn’t work.

It would help if you had an air mouse but for this specific thing. I don’t recommend buying an air mouse. I want to play the crossroad and be on my way. So here comes zang remote. I can quickly hover and enter my correct age and then get past. The screen overall zank remote is really helpful at such small times when you’re stuck on an android tv or even screen recording or something; check it out next in our list is an app called panels.

So I have this habit of organizing apps into folders on my home screen for quick access. But as you can see, this is just a mess. The home screen is untidy with too many apps that I don’t use often, so here comes the app called panel it.

Present a quick panel on the side where you can place most use app and not just that you can also have contacts as well you can also add website links and even settings shortcut it reminds me of pi launcher but less complicated.

It’s basically like Samsung edge apps, but for all android smartphones up next, we have Twitter India’s own Twitter.

I really like the name, and when you tweet on Twitter, it’s not a tweet. It’s a toot. I wonder what fleet might be called, so there are many people on board on Twitter.

We are the prime minister Virat Kohli our Indian army navy, and much more. The app is in the spirit of vocal for the local campaign.

So go ahead and give it a shot, but there are few problems though. For example, it took me a day to sign up and log into the app, I guess.

It’s due to unexpected tries and traffic. Once you join Twitter, you already follow three people, the CEO of Twitter, and two bot accounts that deliver the news and stuff, of course.

You can unfollow them, but it was interesting to see that anyway; let me know how your experience is in the comment section below. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most hyped games for a long time.

It’s going to launch in December for ps5. Whoever has it, and we also have the one plus 80 cyberpunk edition coming with awesome wallpaper and theme again whoever has it, so for the rest of us.

Should I say among us that you can get the cyberpunk one plus 8t theme on a regular android phone? Just download this two apk from apk mirror link in the description below. Once done, you can also fetch the cyberpunk wallpaper.

I will have the link to that as well, and as you can see, you get the similar one plus 8t cyberpunk globe. I mean, let the hype live; also, FYI, we tried it on one plus 6t, and it worked fine, but the icon pack did not load in nonone plus devices now.

There is no shortage of to-do list rule; for example, we have the 135 rule, which focuses on doing one most important thing, three medium Friday things, and five low priority things in a day.

Then we have the Moscow rule, which includes making a list of must-do should do could do, and won’t do similarly.

We have the abcd rule from brian tracy’s eat that frog and warren Buffett’s famous two list rules. My point is there are just too many rules to make a list, and the fundamentals of all of them are the same in a given day; you have a limited amount of time and willpower.

You should do the most important task first before you spend your energy on the less important ones, and that’s where priorities come in every day.

You make a list of three to five tasks for the next day before you go to bed and focus on only doing the top three first it’s a proven technique used by many productive people.

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